Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention provides teachers with the tools and strategies needed to create high-quality instructional opportunities which can lead to excellent classroom management. Our tutorials discuss RTI’s succinct frameworks, three tiers of interventions, accommodations, modifications, and its correlation to special education. 

RTI Definition & Overview

Within this video, RTI is introduced, and the core components of the multi-tiered system discussed. RTI provides Intervention & Referral Services (I & RS) the strategies they need to assist students in fostering academic, behavioral, and social-emotional growth. Interventions can also assist teachers in developing and applying essential classroom management techniques to foster educational progression.  


RTI & Special Education

 A comprehensive working knowledge of Special Education procedures and policies is essential for all educational professionals. Response to Intervention is a process used by educational professionals to help students who are struggling with skills. Within this video, the correlation between RTI and Special Education is discussed. 

Helpful Hints

Some of the videos have associated documents.  Click on the document to download the pdf.

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