Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention provides teachers with the tools and strategies needed to create high-quality instructional opportunities which can lead to excellent classroom management. Our tutorials discuss RTI’s succinct frameworks, three tiers of interventions, accommodations, modifications, and its correlation to special education. 

RTI Definition & Overview

Within this video, RTI is introduced, and the core components of the multi-tiered system discussed. RTI provides Intervention & Referral Services (I & RS) the strategies they need to assist students in fostering academic, behavioral, and social-emotional growth. Interventions can also assist teachers in developing and applying essential classroom management techniques to foster educational progression.  


RTI & Special Education

 A comprehensive working knowledge of Special Education procedures and policies is essential for all educational professionals. Response to Intervention is a process used by educational professionals to help students who are struggling with skills. Within this video, the correlation between RTI and Special Education is discussed. 

Helpful Hints

The 30/60/90/180 Day plan template and example are below.   Click on the document to download the pdf.

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