Welcome New Teachers!

Content and video tutorials found within these pages are the product of years of teaching nearly every subject area and grade level imaginable. Included are topics our veteran teacher members felt would contribute positively to the first few days, months, and years of our members new to the field of teaching.

Formative & Summative Assessments

Information presented in this tutorial helps viewers to accurately identify characteristics within Autism Spectrum Disorder’s subtypes. Information presented should help students to distinguish commonalities and differences within each subtype, information pertinent to extinguishing problematic behaviors within actual settings. 

Individual Education Plans


The Individualized Education Plan is the cornerstone of Special Education. Our tutorials provide essential information pertaining to the drafting and implementation of each IEP as well as processes involved. 

School Law


 School law is a tedious, yet vital topic. This tutorial covers applicable statutes, case law and administrative rules that govern our policies, procedures, and everyday actions in school.  



Data Collection

Our data collection forms and videos provide teachers with the essential components needed to collect qualitative and quantitative data to demonstrate student growth, prepare for IEP meetings, target disruptive or any other problematic behaviors  



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