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Ed Tech

Technology is a current staple within our society and is advancing daily. Here you will find the tutorials needed to create and manage your Google Classrooms.


Problematic behaviors are those which impede a student’s learning or that of others within the classroom. Even the most seemingly senseless behavior has a spark or trigger, and a purpose or function. Within this video series information is presented in order to assist educational professionals 

Teacher's Lounge

The Teachers Lounge is our social network where you make friends, network, and ask questions to other teachers about all things education and life-related.

Data Collection

 Our resources assist staff in targeting and identifying problematic behaviors, hypothesizing plausible behavioral function, collecting data using a variety of techniques, analyzing data to establish behavioral patterns, determining student interventions, and designing positive reinforcement systems. 


Current research and industry practice is found within this series of videos in order to present the most succinct diagnostic practices and classroom interventions.



The Individualized Education Plan is the cornerstone of Special Education. Our tutorials provide essential information pertaining to the drafting and implementation of each IEP as well as processes involved. 


These tutorials were created for current and prospective educational professionals who are interested in learning more about Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Instructional Material Sharing

Teaching is both an art and a science.  Here our members will find tools of the highest quality to practice their crafts created and submitted to share throughout the world. Our lessons span multiple grade levels and content areas. 

30/60/90/180 Day Plan

 30, 60, 90, 180-day plans are a method used to strategically plan your school year. In our videos, we use our template in order to clearly define broader goals, or metrics, and their supporting objectives. These metrics and objectives are then broken down into thirty-day increments and reflect on the successes and weaknesses within each thirty day time period. In this video, we define and provide an example of a 30/60/90/180 day plan.

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