Google Classroom

Technology is a current societal stable and more important than ever right now. The use of digital tools in the classroom are allowing teachers and students to do amazing things remotely or supplementally. One of the best digital tools for education being used today is the Google Classroom platform. 

How to Create a Class in Google Classroom

Google Classroom makes teaching a breeze by allowing teachers to communicate with students and organize content like never before. In this video, we demonstrate and discuss the steps needed to create your classroom.


How to Add Students to Google Classroom

In this video, we model and discuss the two manners in which to add new students into your Google Classroom. Once students accept their invitation or use the generated class codes, they will instantly become part of your online classroom! 

How to Assign Work in Google Classroom

Google Classroom makes communication with all students a breeze. Teachers can create assignments, add important corresponding materials and grade work instantly through the use of Google’s many functions. Teachers are also able to provide real-time feedback available for student review from any device, computer, smartphone or tablet with internet capability. In this video, we model and discuss how to assign Classwork in Google Classroom.


Helpful Hints

Some of the videos have associated documents.  Click on the document to download the pdf.

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