Data Collection

 Our resources assist staff in targeting and identifying problematic behaviors, hypothesizing plausible behavioral function, collecting data using a variety of techniques, analyzing data to establish behavioral patterns, determining student interventions, and designing positive reinforcement systems. 

Frequency & Rate Data

 Within this tutorial, the frequency and rate data collection method is discussed and examples are provided. This specific data collection model involves counting the number of times a behavior occurs within a specific time period. 


Duration Recording

Duration recording should be used when teachers can correctly identify the start and end times for observable behaviors. In this tutorial, we discuss this data collection method and provide examples. 

Interval Recording

Interval recording documents whether a behavior occurred or did not occur during a given time period. In order to determine this, the observable time needs to be divided into blocks, or intervals. In this tutorial, we discuss and define interval recording and provide examples of how to complete an observation using our form. 

Helpful Hints

Some of the videos have associated documents.  Click on the document to download the pdf.

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