Behavior and Emotional Disorders

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Behavior 101

All behavior has a function or a purpose. Even the most seemingly senseless behaviors are purposeful and patterned because behavior does not happen in a vacuum. In order to reduce and extinguish even the most problematic student behaviors, one must get to the root of the problem. Within this video series how to get to the root of each problematic behavior is discussed, as well as the strategies needed to reduce and extinguish even the most seemingly senseless behaviors. 

Data Collection

Our data collection forms and videos provide teachers with the essential components needed to collect qualitative and quantitative data to demonstrate student growth, prepare for IEP meetings, target disruptive or any other problematic behaviors. 

Functional Behavior Assessment & Behavior Intervention Plan

Disruptive classroom behaviors frequent and intense enough to disturb learning can be frustrating for teachers and students, especially if behavioral disturbances transpire for prolonged periods of time. Our tutorials provide insight into the process of collecting information and creating a Functional Behavior Assessment.

Emotional Recognition Instructional Materials

Students in need of social and emotional support, specifically those on the Autism Spectrum, benefit from learning how to recognize the physiological symptoms of stress and anxiety in order to prevent behavioral problems. 

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