Autism Meltdowns

It’s not easy to know what to do or what to respond to the quirks of an Autistic child. Autism Spectrum Disorder’s myriad of characteristics has become much more accepted and understood thanks to the tireless work of advocates and dedicated professionals within the field of education. These tutorials were created to bring knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder’s characteristics to individuals interested in learning more. Information contained within these videos includes specific characteristics found within individuals on the spectrum, commonalities across the spectrum, as well as existing comorbidity.

What Causes a Meltdown

Educating children on the Autism Spectrum is an exceptionally rewarding experience, but can have challenges. Meltdowns can be considered one of these challenges. These tutorials are designed to provide educators with the tools to identify potential root causes of each meltdown in order to provide students with preventative interventions.


Identifying Behavioral Antecedents

Problematic behaviors such as meltdowns can very easily transform an entire day for educational professionals and peers. In order to stop the meltdown from happening we need to be able to determine why they are happening. This is done through careful examination of behavioral antecedents, or the “why” or “root cause” of the meltdown. Antecedents spark behaviors. By the end of the video, the viewer will have a more thorough understanding of different types of behavioral antecedents in order to assist you in understanding why your student is melting down.

Understanding Behavioral Function

In order to reduce and extinguish meltdowns, we need to determine why they are happening. All behavior has a function or a purpose. Even for behaviors as seemingly senseless as a meltdown! Within this tutorial, we are going to delve further into the cause of each meltdown. Information pertaining to behavioral function will be discussed in-depth in order to provide educational professionals with the tools necessary to analyze their loved one’s behavioral function in order to reduce and eliminate problematic behaviors, such as meltdowns.

Educational Approaches

Within this video, viewers are presented with multiple ways to design and structure interventions support per current research and industry practice.

Four Functions of Behavior

Information within this tutorial delves into specific information pertaining to behavioral function. Information is presented with detailed descriptions and applications in order to empower each educational professional with the information needed to determine the behavioral function of their student’s meltdown(s).



 Within this tutorial about behavioral functionality, additional information regarding behavioral function is presented. All behavior has a purpose or function. Once this function is identified, replacement behaviors can be drafted and implemented in order to reduce and eliminate meltdowns. 


Replacement Behavior

 Replacement behaviors are “instead of” behaviors we would like our students to do instead of melting down. Within this video, educational professionals are given the information needed through a formulated and succinct approach in order to develop and apply the skills needed to draft new goals for replacement behaviors. 


Helpful Hints

Some of the videos have associated documents.  Click on the document to download the pdf.

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