Autism 101

It’s not easy to know what to do or what to respond to the quirks of an Autistic child. Autism Spectrum Disorder’s myriad of characteristics has become much more accepted and understood thanks to the tireless work of advocates and dedicated professionals within the field of education. These tutorials were created to bring knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder’s characteristics to individuals interested in learning more. Information contained within these videos includes specific characteristics found within individuals on the spectrum, commonalities across the spectrum, as well as existing comorbidity.

Autism Subtypes

Within this lecture, pertinent information regarding Autism and five subtypes found within what is known as a Spectrum Disorder. For many years diagnostic practice consisted of separating characteristics identified through qualitative and quantitative measures in order to determine which specific subtype each individual exhibited. Current industry practice no longer utilizes such an approach. Given the vast differences within each individual on the Autism Spectrum, presenting information within this video with specific details regarding the Autism Spectrum was paramount in order to ensure comprehension of the disorder.


Characteristics of Autism

Information presented in this tutorial helps viewers to accurately identify characteristics within Autism Spectrum Disorder’s subtypes. Information presented should help students to distinguish commonalities and differences within each subtype, information pertinent to extinguishing problematic behaviors within actual settings. 

Comorbidity in Autism

Within this video, the characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder are described further by utilizing visuals as a way to illustrate several comorbid diagnoses.


Educational Approaches

Within this video, multiple theorems driving current industry practice are discussed.  Theoretical approaches are shared in order to assist educational professionals in developing and implementing instructional materials and lessons in order to meet the unique needs of the Autistic population.


Helpful Hints

Some of the videos have associated documents.  Click on the document to download the pdf.

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